President's Message

President’s Message - May 2022

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as this year’s SCMS President.   I would like to give my thanks to the you, the members of SCMS for granting me this privilege.   I personally would like to thank the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee for their leadership and guidance.   These volunteers supported me throughout this year to make this society a great success.   I would also like to thank Tara Barker from IMA for her support this past year.   

I hope that your plans will be to attend the IMA22 Accounting & Finance Conference in Austin, Tx.   We are planning a wonderful Annual Dinner / Dance at the JW Marriott on Sunday evening, June 12th.   We will celebrate and honor our members, officers, and future officers.   We will also be growing our golden chain by meeting new IMA members and rekindling old friendships.  

This year our suite will be staffed by Charlotte Elliott who will be leading our team of volunteers to make our hospitality room a success.  We will be open evenings Sunday – Tuesday following IMA hosted events.  It’s going to be a Hee-Haw party for sure.  When in Texas go big and it’s going to be a great party.

There will be both a virtual and in-person induction ceremony for new members this year.

There is still time for new members to apply for membership in SCMS.  This year, we opened our enrollment to accept any IMA member who has documented volunteer service for no less than one year to become a member.  Full membership criteria are found at Membership Eligibility.  Please send applications to Tara.

I’m truly grateful to have this privilege as serving as this year’s President of SCMS.    

Sandy Brenner

President SCMS 2021-2022