President's Message

President’s Message

I’m hoping that all of you are doing well and are enjoying the summer cool down as fall begins.   Currently, our board is busy preparing for our Board of Governors meeting this month on Sunday, October 17th.  

 We had a successful Fall Mid-Year with our featured presenters of Dr. Paul Juras and Dr. Kristine Brands.  I would like to thank them for their contributions towards this event.   The next Virtual Winter Mid-Year is scheduled Friday, November 12th from 1 – 4 PM EST followed by a Hospitality Party.  This is a free event for members.

Winter Mid-Year Featured speakers:

  • Loreal Jiles – Career Success in the Digital Age
  • Dr. Erik Huffman – CyberSecurity
  • John L. Daly – Building Your Personal Net Worth

I’d like to congratulate John Velazquez on winning the prestigious IMA Memorial Fund Scholarship and Stuart Cameron Mcleod Memorial Scholarship.  John attends California State University in Bakersfield. 

This year provides us the opportunity to reach out to our IMA network of leaders to ask them to join our society.  Membership criteria has change so that we can expand and reach more IMA leaders to become members of our society.  Please reach out to your IMA contacts and invite them to become a member.

Criteria: “All persons must be an IMA member in good standing and have been or currently is an active volunteer within IMA for no less than one year of documented volunteer service with an interest in accounting, finance, or information management, and advancing the profession. The applicant below agrees to abide to the following criteria:

  • Pay SCMS dues
  • The IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice
  • Accept personal responsibility for continuing their professional education

Our February BOG meeting will be held virtually.   This meeting will not be held in Phoenix as previously scheduled.

Thanks to all our committee members and Governors who are committed to expanding our society.   I hope that you will mark your calendars for our next Mid-Year event.

Be safe and enjoy the fall season.  


Sandy Brenner, CMA

2021-2022 SCMS President