Board Committees

2021-2022 Board Committees

Executive Committee

President Sandra Brenner

Vice President Tanya Shell

Treasurer Peggy Brown

Secretary Dana Whitted

Past President MaryValerie Reeves

Communications Committee

John Engel - Chair

Lydia Washington - Spotlight

Diane Hewlett - Website

Evan Scarbrough - Social Media

Education Committee

Evan Scarbrough, Chair

Charles Phillips

Harlan Fuller


Events and Hospitality Committee

LeRoy Pennock, Chair

Dave Skora

Laurie Burney

Marco Otti

Susan Jones


Membership and Recruiting Committee

Louise Crider, Chair

MaryValerie Reeves

Jessica Pelini

Luke Harris


Scholarships and Students Committee

Cristal BreitbeilChair

Rich Brady

Cate Long