Board Committees

Board Committees

Board Commitees

Executive Committee

President Mary Valerie Reeves

Vice President Sandra Brenner

Treasurer Tanya Shell

Secretary Peggy Brown

 Past President Pat Wynn

Communications Committee - Spotlight

Brenda Engel, Chair

Lydia Washington


Communications Committee -Website

John Engel, Co-Chair

Diane Hewlett


Education Committee

Evan Scarbrough, Chair

Mitch Lenoil

Evan Scarbrough

David Teets


Events and Hospitality Committee

LeRoy Pennock, Chair

Charlotte Elliott

LeRoy Pennock


Membership and Recruiting Committee

Anne Leighty, Chair

Jennifer Mercer

Rachel Saunders


Scholarships and Students Committee

Cristal BreitbalChair

Cristal Breitbell

Peggy Brown
Dana Whitted


Nominating Committee

Pat Wynn, Chair

MaryValerie Reeves

Sandy Brenner

Tanya Shell
Peggy Brown