Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Executive Board

President Sue Bos, Ann Arbor

Vice President Pat Wynn, Dallas Fort-Worth Area

Treasurer Mary Valarie Reeves, Dallas Fort-Worth Area

Secretary Sandra Brenner, Cleveland East
Past President Dana Collins, Kalamazoo
Governors – Term ending June 30, 2019

Diane Hewlett, AZ Valley of the Sun

Anne Leighty, Grand Rapids

Mitch Lenoil, Los Angeles Metro

Larissa Lowe, Moscow

Vicki Whitehead, Atlanta

LeRoy Pennock, Houston

Governors – Term ending June 30, 2020

Charlotte Elliott, Albuquerque

Cristal Breitbeil, Pikes Peak

Evan Scarbrough, Ann Arbor

Lydia Washington, New York

Peggy Brown, Austin

David Teets, Southwest Florida

Committee Chairs – Term ending June 30, 2019

Communications – Spotlight Brenda Engel, Michiana

Communications – Website Chris Mishler, Ann Arbor

Communications-Website John Engel, Michiana

Membership and Recruiting Tanya Shell, Dayton

Committee Chairs – Term ending June 30, 2020

Education- Sandy Giberson, East Bay, Northern California

Events and Hospitality- Kris Brands, Pikes Peak

Scholarships and Students- Ashley Gibson, At Large